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Why am I getting the runaround?!

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12* Achaea 1/05/17:52 Your bug report (detail: I can't engrave a dagger I bought in Lothos. It's a wearable, metal dagger, and HELP JEWELLERY says weapons and things worn as jewellery (the dagger's described as a barette) are both engraveable unless they're nondecay and resetting. This dagger is neither. I issued myself on this; I was informed that it's 'as it should be,' yet advised to submit it as a bug anyway. Thank you.) - has been removed because it is not a bug (usually meaning that this is the way things are intended to be). Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or misunderstanding that may be involved. The following notes were included: This isn't a bug. Feel free to Idea it though and we can look at changing them.

Relevant bit from HELP JEWELLERY:

Engraving is simple once you have reached the level of Transcendent.
Engravings cost 10 gold/letter to add, and a flat 1000 gold to remove.

ENGRAVE [jewellery/armour/weapon] [message]
ENGRAVE [jewellery/armour/weapon] REMOVE

You may not engrave resetting items.

Examined description of wearable daggers from Lothos:

This brazen blade is a mere three inches long and easily disguised as a hair clip. It is housed by a sheath that sits within a bronze square
frame, blending seamlessly into the hairpiece with shared artistic patterns. An ornamented grip adds a lavish touch to the accessory, and
its complete lack of a hand guard disguises the true nature of the hairpiece. More than meets the eye, this barrette dagger allows its owner
to stylishly carry a dagger within one's tresses, as well as functionally clasp one's hair.
It has 221 months of usefulness left.
It weighs about 5 pounds.
It bears the distinctive mark of Docimos, a burly phaeston (a denizen).
You may use the following commands with this weapon:

I have bolded the terms 'jewellery' and 'weapon' in the line of the help scroll detailing what may be engraved, and the terms 'barette' and 'dagger' in the description.

I'm not as upset about the inconsistency at this point as I am about my issued question pointing me to bugs, followed by the message above. Don't you have the different departments' responsibilities straight?

Edit: Forgot to change the greater-thans and less-thans from HELP JEWELLERY into square brackets so as to bold without confusing the editor.
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    Is it possible what the HELP file refers to for engraving is player created items only? I can't engrave, but I can embroider, but I've never attempted to do so with anything bought from a denizen shop.

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    Probably because it's not crafted through normal means. Weapons and jewellery usually pertains to either forged or player crafted items.
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    If something comes up in an issue that might be a bug, the issue handlers will generally point you towards filing a bug. Then a coder or bug handler will look through the submitted bugs and determine whether they need fixing or not.

    In your case it wasn't a bug, and hence it was dismissed. The idea suggestion wasn't intended as being a next step - the thing in question wasn't broken. Rather it was a "if you would like this to be changed, feel free to suggest it and it might get added to the list".
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    Mak the Magnificent answered.

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