Class advice - Serpent or Occultist



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    One possible reason you don't see that many jesters around is that many people can't imagine themselves roleplaying as one. Jester roleplay can be an awesome thing if done well, but the fact that many people play the class in an overly silly and annoying way leads to the class itself not being taken entirely seriously by many people, so you need to be especially convincing with your RP to break that stereotype.
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    There's like at least one jester awake in my house every day for most of the day.  I'm not sure what time zone you are in though so if you are in like the half of the world that is opposite to america that might be why.  

    We're in a not neutral city (because we have to be) but we kind of keep to ourselves so we're still pretty neutral.  But if you ever needed teaching, most of us are pretty open to it. 

    Edit: i do hear the CIJ has jesters as well.
    Commission List: Aesi, Kenway, Shimi, Kythra, Trey, Sholen .... 5/5 CLOSED
    I will not draw them in the order that they are requested... rather in the order that I get inspiration/artist block.
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    During my brief stint as a Jester on Fitz (because Llew convinced me to join the guild for awhile) I tried to model him on the Fool from the Farseer books, since I was coming from being an Occultist. 

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