Finally got a new laptop and was wondering if Tintin++ still a useable client for Achaea? Just looking to try something different.


  • Better to ask on Discord. These forums are pretty much dead since the admins opened up Discord for OOC/IG knowledge supplemental to the game.
  • There should be a "use the discord" autoreply at this point probably
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    Romaen said:
    There should be a "use the discord" autoreply at this point probably
    Sad because threads are much better here in a system built for it. The concept in Discord of random pinned posts in misc channels is a poor substitute. I wish the admins would just call it for the forums because it is a legacy system they killed with Discord. They now share even more information in Discord than ever was shared in forums. It is sad to see it be so, but here we are. 

    The irony of "FOIG" being said all the time while also being one of the best sources for IG questions and general knowledge (without having to even ask) seems to be lost on the admins. Discord was a mistake.

    Heck, even IDEAs are now voted on by Discord members and if you don't get enough votes your IDEAs are auto-deleted. It is growing into a true supplement to the game. Sure you don't need Discord, but the value of it is difficult to ignore. You don't need deathsight skill anymore, it's already on Discord in its own channel. Got questions about IG content, ask away and people will answer, but you may get the "FOIG" sometimes, people seem to consider the reply based on who asks and the current mood of the topic. Hell, I knew more about the zombie event from just passive watching Discord than I ever did IG. It's insane.
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