How many characters do you play?



  • I never alted, I like ruining my life on a day to day basis...

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    I think over the last 8 or 9 years I've created maybe a dozen alts. I played like maybe half of those seriously for a time. I usually play them exclusively until they come upon a crossroads, usually the type of crossroads that causes the game to be no longer fun. Like when I drunk Achaea'd with Shadizar, rage quit my house and killed my own falcon, it was time for me to retire that character for a good while.

    One thing I hate about alting is the way your toon still ages even when out of the realms. Most muds have the timeplayed stat when you finger them. When your guy is young is when citymates are most likely to be friendly towards you and open up allowing you to get to know people. I hate when I play a toon for a minute switch to another then come back and he is 40 years old. I believe that probably most of the new players I see are just the same people that have been recycling characters for years but it is still annoying to have an old|young character.  I know it is likely impossible to implement with Achaea's calender system but it would also be nice to not have to suffer through the endless "old people" roleplay from characters made up of 90% dormancy.

  • a couple
  • SethSeth North Carolina
    I have one alt. Really, I have him just so I can play at work when I'm bored and it is slow.
  • Control alts: delete!

    (Especially my 20 or so that I never play, which is just as well because I'm bad at multi'ing.)
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  • SarienoSarieno Spokane, WA
    I have one alt. He's a huge stress reliever when Hashan gets to be a little too much, and I recently discovered that he gives exactly zero fucks about anything, which is a nice change.

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  • I wonder if this will coalesce to more people playing 1 or 2 characters instead of having multiple alts because of multiclass?
  • Two, though one is mostly dormant. Hell, both might be mostly dormant by some people's standards, because I'm so busy these days. They're quite different in some ways, similar in others. Couldn't bring myself to split my old main from her city when it started getting too much 99% of the time due to RL life pressures and not needing more IG, but looking at the escrows on both is kind of sickening now. I think I have about 15000 credits invested on one, and 10000 on the other now. Granted quite a few of those were made IG, or bought in promos, but still... ouch. That would be one crazy artied char if I hadn't split!

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