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New Bashing Changes!



  • AlzahnAlzahn Member Posts: 2
    Sena said:
    If a denizen takes 15 normal hits to kill, and it ever survives a world-shattering critical (or even annihilatingly powerful), either something is wrong or the denizen is somehow special and resists crits (I've never heard of a denizen like that, only denizens that you can't crit at all). A world-shattering critical simply multiplies the damage of that attack by 32 (so it's the same as 32 normal hits at once), annihilating is 16x. It could be higher than that if you have the Aim To Kill trait, but I can't think of any situation where it would be lower.
    Alzahn said:
    Hi @Sena, with the bashing changes for serpent. What would you suggest?
    A level 1 lash isn't worth it, you can get a forged whip with similar or better stats. Saving up for a level 2 lash might be a good idea, or if you have a free reincarnation and trait reset, you could switch to dex spec and get tanking artefacts to make up for the lost con (I'm not sure how many credits you have to work with, but SoA would probably be a good first choice for that). The upgraded crit pendant would be useful, but I think there are probably better ways to spend 400 credits.

    Thanks for the inputs. Unfortunately, I dont have a free reincarnation..I'm considering to get con arties and then reincarnate..nothing final yet though.

    I have around 300 credits as of now and own an SOA and Mayan Ring as defensive arties.

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