Colorado -> North Carolina, and everywhere in between.

EpiphanyEpiphany Colorado Springs
So while I do not have exact dates yet, sometime between late July and early August this summer, I will be driving from Colorado to North Carolina, making a bit of a "U" as I make a stop into upper LA. So, assuming a general idea of something like, South from CO through the tip corner of NM, down to Dallas, and over to LA. Going to take a break for a day or so then head from LA, up through Alabama, Georgia, the tip of SC, and into NC where I'm going to be moving for the next few years. 

So with that general path in mind, is there anybody who wants to get coffee on my trip? I'll update as the dates become more solidified, but I'm going to be taking a lot of stops along the way for coffee and stuff anyway, wouldn't mind saying hi to some Achaeans (or punching a few others in the face, if we're being honest). 
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