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ISO Enchantment Script for Mudlet

LyndeeLyndee Member Posts: 83 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
Anyone out there have (or willing to make for me) an enchanting script for Mudlet? I have a few issues I've run into with the one that comes from Vadi/Jenny. Maybe I'm not the only one? At any rate, I am looking for some specific functionality that I'm not sure that script has even if it was working to full effect. 

Functionality like:

1) Works with a Medallion for things that a Medallion works on. 
2) Related to the above, it can queue up more enchantments than can be completed in one ritual, e.g., I do ENCHANT 200 METEOR and it does 40 rituals making 5 at a time, instead of me having to ENCHANT 5 METEOR 40 times.
3) Obvs need it to put my comms/items in the right ouroboroi - autodetecting ouroboroi would be fantastic but I'll settle for a syntax to set them if that's easier.
4) Totally optional/convenience thing - if I'm in a public enchantment room, will get 200 gold out of my pack before starting the ritual? [[I am a desperate Targossian Magi. Take pity.]]

Anyone? Help? Free stuff is cool, but I'll also pay modest amounts of credits if you're willing to give me the functionality I need.

Thanks in advance! 


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