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What have you designed today?



  • MilabarMilabar Posts: 99Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Minifie said:
    Nyneve said:
    I asked @Milabar to write a description for my shackle of Garash. Here is what I have now <3

    Appearance (short_desc) - mithril shackle of marriage

    Dropped (long_desc) - A shackle of marriage made from mithril lies here, abandoned.

    Examined (extended_desc) - Brilliantly polished mithril jingles with each step taken by the wearer of these shackles. Rather than the links and chains of old, this mithril is formed into two distinctive hands, latches on all five fingers opening and closing with a simple touch of a hidden button. One hand is slightly larger than the other, going around the calf of the wearer while the other has a tighter overall grip, going around the ankle. A solitary black orb is held in stasis inside a delicate metal cage, the black dense metal orb spinning rapidly when the hands are clasped around ankle and calf. Hidden in the palm of each hand is a sunburst etching, held tight against the skin when worn.

    So if you guys divorce, does he get half that shacke.

    Hahahahahaha, a dead man needs no treasure
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