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Shaman combat tips and tricks

DulcimerDulcimer Posts: 4Member
Coming into shaman as a complete combat newbie. Ideally, i'd like to know exactly what I need to secure a kill as a shaman. I have transed out all my class skills, but I dont really know how to use em' too well. I realize that there are many kill paths as a shaman, and i'd like to learn em all. Shamans in game are hard to find in my opinion at least. (just not seeing that many of em, at all, and the few that ive seen so far haven't been combat shamans.) my character is Cij and we dont really have much by way of shaman combat scrolls, so im hoping I can find some help here. Assume that I know very very little about combat in general and next to nothing about shaman combat. (yea i have read every one of the discussion threads, and i've been looking for shaman combat logs so that I could read up a bit that way as well,  but I cant seem to find any.) 

willing to learn and icly, not really tied down anywhere yet. not really leaning one way or another as far as morality or faction goes, barring the fact that I'll always remain with the cij. any and all help would be appreciated, no bit of info is too small - i know nothing so far. 



  • KietKiet Posts: 2,522Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    there's a few threads in the shaman section of the forums going over the basics, and beyond that you'll probably have to make friends IC. Unfortunately, most of the cities don't allow CIJ membership, and the shaman combatants are in cities. Hashan/Cyrene might allow CIJ members, though, they have a few people who'd at least know the very basics of shaman combat, probably.
  • DulcimerDulcimer Posts: 4Member
    yea, read up on all the threads for it on here, just looking for a broader spectrum of info, because what I've read so far didnt make much sense to me
  • DochithaDochitha Posts: 1,252Member ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Shaman's combat can be lengthy to discuss indepth as it is a very rich class, which will end up making no sense to you, I will just point you in some directions so you can research from here, much are covered in many threads here, and hopefully find what you need.
    • Lock with coagulation
    • Lock with vodun soulscorge
    • Inflame with bleeding / inflame soulscorge throttle
    • Just go int spec and throttle people to death...
    • mangle limbs and lock offsalves
    • riftlocks
    • aeon lock
    • tzantza without a lock
    There are definitely more ways to secure a kill, and also some strategies work better than others, also depending on who you fight, but generally you can work your way into understanding the above, you will get a picture of how Shaman secure a kill.
  • NerakaNeraka Posts: 6Member
    Feel free to contact me IC some time. There are better shamans than me, and I haven't delved into group combat yet, but I can kill 1v1 and I'm happy to teach what I know. 
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