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  • DochithaDochitha Posts: 1,252Member ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean

    You already have a vodun doll of that person somewhere and may not make another.
    A well-made puppet of Kogan, its major features have taken shape and are defined.

    I have a puppet of Kogan in Jester, and then class switch Shaman, I can't make a vodun of Kogan, that means, entire Vodun skillset is not usable when I have a puppet of Kogan... Gotta send in classlead next round when it opens.
    @Nicola @Makarios
  • SobriquetSobriquet Posts: 1,870Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    That's a bug with multiclass, not a classlead
  • DominiusDominius Posts: 107Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Yeah Jester can be a pain, but it's still fun. Suicide mice need a bomb strapped to attack a target, an if the target has a shield up it won't detonate til it is down, also things such as flying will make the mouse just wait around. Though since recent classleads you finally get a message when they detonate, which is super cool in group combat.
  • AchillesAchilles Los AngelesPosts: 2,380Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Barely got the detonate off before guards squished us.


  • MizikMizik Posts: 2,041Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Dude I miss expert diag. Stupid, balanced 50/50 locks vs 50/50 but really 100% locks.

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