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Why does IRE.Target.Info no longer contain short_desc after attacking the target?

And does this mean that, for instance, Char.Name might not contain fullname or Char.Vitals might not contain charstats in some other situation?
I mean I can always slap short_desc into a variable and reference the variable after the attack begins but it seems like it might be an oversight.. ?
according to the documentation:


  • Used to send additional information about the current active server side target (contents of the &tar-variable).
  • The body is an object the following fields:
    • short_desc: Contains the short description of the target
    • hpperc: Contains the current HP of the target as a percentage
    • id: The ID of the target.
  • Example: IRE.Target.Info {short_desc="a practice dummy",hpperc="100%",id="266744"}


  • NehmrahNehmrah Posts: 65Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    It's actually missing a few things. I removed tracking denizens from my personal stuff for this very reason.. just caused to many issues. Could not find a feasible work around.
  • AccipiterAccipiter Posts: 338Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    The IRE stuff has to be used with add and remove to make it work properly, it is kinda annoying.

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