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City Regen Areas

JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itPosts: 1,632Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
I've always thought that city rooms should be more than an aesthetic. I'm sure everyone is familiar with people gathering and falling asleep at weird places like a shop, or crossroads, instead of places where people would traditionally gather and rest such as taverns, bathhouses or inns.

Houses (as in the organisations) have the option for regen upgrades, but - correct me if I'm wrong - few people use them because it's just inconvenient. So why not expand that option to cities instead?

Barracks/inns/baths: Endurance regen
Chapels: Willpower regen
Restaurants: Health/mana regen/rite of well being

The above are just examples, presumably a city would be able to decide where they want a regen area. It should cover a designated area with multiple rooms so that everyone isn't forced into a single area - for instance, if I wanted to talk to someone privately instead of standing in a public gathering, I could go to a room in the Worm and Grub and still benefit from the effect as opposed to it only working at the common room.

I feel like this would incentivize people to gather at a particular area, use it as it was meant to be used and hopefully generate interaction. People who still want to be left alone can still sleep in their guardhouse and rally points, but now they would have a greater motivation to go to a more 'appropriate' place.

The effects could be available for all to benefit except city enemies. Visitors and rogues could go there and find interaction. It wouldn't be an accidental advantage for raiders. I think it's still fine to benefit defenders - since the raiders choose the spot to be destroyed, smart raiders should just avoid these places or challenge themselves by destroying it despite the bonus.

Let me know what you think.



  • ReysonReyson Posts: 461Member ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    edited April 11
    As there'll presumably be guards in health regen spots, given they'd be significant to a city, I'm fairly sure if a raid team can take the stationaries, they'll have enough firepower for the regen not to matter much when it comes to people, since dying quick won't be changed much by that. 
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