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2 no brainer lesson packges for IG credits

KiahroKiahro Member Posts: 2
Hiya, looking to trade my 50 IG credits with someone kind enough to buy my character Lasher two no brainer lesson packages. 
Not this character. Can't be arsed to switch logins right now and I've decided Lasher is my main. Post here pls if interested.
Thanks. Sorry if my replies are slow, work days can get loooong and I'm easily distracted :#


  • KiahroKiahro Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much to whoever it was that bought me the packages! If you tell me who you are I can send you credits? 
  • DzvezdaDzvezda Member Posts: 5
    Hi guys and gals. I thought piggy-backing off of this thread would be more appropriate than creating an entirely new one for the same reason.
    Might anyone have interest to trade my 50 in game credits for 2 no-brainer lesson packages for my character Dzvezda?
    Please let me know by sending me a message in game? I would greatly appreciate it!
  • KurdockKurdock Member Posts: 33
    Huh lol wow buying no-brainer packages for other players is a thing??? Not like I'll have 50 credits anytime, but hmm this'll be a much faster way of Tri-transing my skills...
  • DzvezdaDzvezda Member Posts: 5
    I sat here double checking my messages for a while.
    I'm kind of overwhelmed that someone out there was so quick to want to help me out.
    Please let me know who you are so that I can thank you in person and not feel in your debt?
    Thank you so much.
  • ZyodZyod Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I purchased a globe and got a talisman cache from it. I think I got lucky with that and will admit that I am extremely tempted to open it and see what's inside after reading all the threads surrounding them, but truth be told I would not have an idea what I had even if it were good... Would anyone be interested in trading the cache for two no brainer lesson packages (or one)? I need the lessons more than whatever could be inside I think so I can start learning some very basic combat (hopefully)! If my proposal makes no sense and someone has a better idea (I can also try to sell it in-game somehow and pay in credits like the other posters in this thread), I'm naturally open to suggestions!

    Any response is appreciated and thanks in advance!

  • DarquesseDarquesse Member Posts: 2
    hiya, new to the forums and returning to achaea after being away for a while. Was forum trawling and saw that people trade lesson packages for credits? I've got 25 credits from some really awesome people in the community, and im wondering if anyone would be willing to trade me a lesson package for them?
  • VirgoVirgo Member Posts: 62 ✭✭ - Stalwart
    Keep the credits. 

    Make good attempts to do RPz.

    Make RPz great again. 
  • DarquesseDarquesse Member Posts: 2
    thank you virgo!!! 
  • JaxylJaxyl Member Posts: 1
    Hello people. I apologize for the shameful leech from this thread, but would anyone be willing to trade with me 2 lesson packages for gold or something? I hope to be able to learn combat as soon as possible once I get bigger, although I might not have much right now, I'll be extremely grateful and would try my best to make up for the lacking amount ingame!
  • AtalkezAtalkez Member Posts: 3,491 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Bought, just pay me as you can. No rush.

    You hug Aurora compassionately.
  • RenekRenek Member Posts: 4
    I'm going to necro this as well. I have 50 oh credits if someone is willing to get me the 2 lesson packages as well. Please and thank you!!!  Send me a message if someone does so I can pay them properly
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