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Newbie Depthswalker Questions

EdelinEdelin Member Posts: 7
So I recently returned and I had some class specific questions that didn't fit as well in my general questions discussion. So I thought I'd ask them here, since it felt like a more appropriate place. I'm considering making my new character a Depthswalker, and I wanted a bit of feedback on the class, since it's rather new and the information isn't as widespread here on the forums.

Which stats do they actually benefit from? How does the age mechanic work for their skills? Are there attacks balance or equilibrium based? I've taken a look at the skilltrees and Aeonics seems to be mainly a combat/utility path. Does that mean I should Trans Terminus for bashing after Shadowmancy? Trait recommendations? What sort of kill path do they have? I'm assuming it's moreso afflictions than limb breaks/damage? What artefacts would benefit them the most? 

Sorry for all the questions. I just wanted to be a bit more knowledgeable before I make a commitment to the class.


  • ZahanZahan Member Posts: 187 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Strength determines the power of your scythe attacks, which are balance based.

    Dexterity determines your aeonics age stuffs.  Base is at 12dex, 1000 max years, -50 regression rate.  Every point adds 50 max years, 5 to regression.  Aeonics uses equilibrium.

    Terminus is affected by intelligence and it'll definitely help you with hunting more than aeonics will, you're right about that.

    All that said, if you just want to hunt, none of those stats are really going to make or break you and in that case, I'd focus on constitution.

    Traits are meh.  Currently I'm using robust, nimble, and lucky for hunting.  Probably better choices for pvp but I don't bother.

    They are not a prep class, you're right about that too.  They are a momentum class, either afflictions or damage.

    I'm not really going to go much into artefacts since you're concerned about the order of transcing your skills.  I always advise to get your skills up before you start dumping credits into extra items.  But for sure you can't go wrong with a shield of absorption.

    Definitely not a definitive guide here and hopefully people more familiar with the class add more or correct any mistakes.
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  • FarrahFarrah Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 1,047 @ - Epic Achaean

    Con is the best stat, but they all provide some benefit, like Zahan described. Int is the least useful stat.

    Depthswalker is primarily balance based. As Zahan said, Aeonics is eq, but you're going to want Nimble trait as Shadowmancy is your main attacks.

    Age works like this: You start at 0, and each Aeonics ability can be used regularly for no age or boosted for a better effect + an age cost. Your age goes up by that amount, and slowly regresses back down. Your age can't go higher than 1000 (pre-dex modifiers), so that provides a kind of limit on how often you can use boosted Aeonics.

    Shadowmancy > Terminus for bashing, as Zahan said. You could quick get some early Aeonics abilities too though, such as Rewind and Blur. Rewind is a health healing ability and Blur increases how fast you can walk.

    I like Nimble and Health Inspector for combat traits. I would take Robust too if you're not going to be artefacted.

    DW's main kill path is based on mana and afflictions. You can instakill if they're below X mana, where X changes based on the presence of certain afflictions. You use afflictions to drain mana, damage them out, or truelock them.

    I'd probably focus on defensive artefacts first. Shield of Absorption and crit pendant would be the best for bashing. Add con belt and bracelet for both pk and bashing (SoA helps with pk too). The best Depthswalker-specific artifact is the dagger artie, but I would get a lot of artefacts before that I think. Defense, defense, defense, because Depthswalker offense is not really artie-based.

  • VylinVylin Member Posts: 4
    Had a question regarding stats but didn't want to make a new thread so going to necro this one a bit. Trying to decide on which would be better for combat purposes. I have some defensive artefacts but nothing crazy. How important is dexterity over strength? Would hitting a little harder be better than regressing 5 or 10 points more per age tick? Trying to decide between Rajamala executioner with 15/13/14/10 as the setup or Rajamala striker with 13/15/13/11.
  • AntoniusAntonius Member Posts: 3,875 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Neither dexterity or strength are particularly important. Depthswalker has a lot of options for killing that have nothing to do with damage, and even without speccing strength the damage is still good. Dexterity just doesn't impact age cap and decay rate enough to justify speccing for it.

    Spec for constitution.
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