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ZulahGUI (Free easy GUI)



  • KresslackKresslack Lost at SeaMember Posts: 5,545 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the Seamap moving to the mapping window with the latest SVOF update?

  • KresslackKresslack Lost at SeaMember Posts: 5,545 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    ^That should have said "not moving to the mapping window". It stays in the main window for some reason when out to sea.

  • CieonCieon Member Posts: 4
    Zulah said:
    Jinara said:
    Hello. I'm having difficulty getting this to work properly. 
    I'm going to assume the problem might lie in the fact that I have a large flatscreen TV instead of a computer monitor as my display.

    -I do have GMCP enabled.
    -I have installed all possible packages, and imported them.
    -I have tried the double-click fix for 3.0 and it would very briefly flash what I believe are the other GUI packages and then revert back to the GUI that's shown screenshot below.


    The chat box and the left and right boarder buttons are the only things that I can tell are working for me. When I click any of the other buttons, I can't tell if they are doing anything.
    Looks like you have a system font size messing things up. The fonts in the settings window you have open there are set to an exact size (8 I believe without checking) For some reason 8 is very large on your screen.

    Also looks like you need to restart after installing packages.

    @Jinara msg me here in forums and we'll walk through getting it working for you if it means setting new font sizes in the code for your screen it shouldn't be an issue.

    Heawon said:
    Might I suggest a news/change-log on the website so that we are able to more cleanly see what you add and change?
    Will do if I update anything.


    First of all. Thank you a bunch for this GUI. Helps a lot :).

    I was wondering if you guys sorted out this issue? I seem to be having a similar one. I can't get the config-box to work. The arrows won't work as they should and the text is all over the Place. Background color will not work either.

  • DiegDieg Member Posts: 3
    I'm loving this UI. The screenshots here show an "infohere" button that isn't on the download options however. Does anybody have a link to that package somewhere? Thanks!
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