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What have you designed today?



  • ShaydeShayde Member Posts: 299 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    edited April 9
    Three vague dream sequences out of a series of six my character "painted". They're very simple and short, wondering if I should expand or leave them as is.

    (Edit: realized spoiler button is a bit funky. No idea how to fix it.)

    You read what is written on a plain parchment scroll:
    "Finite" (Page 1)
    Utilizing the subtleties of light and dark ink washes on beige paper, the horizontal painting steals a glimpse of a pilfered city. Left for nature to gather its presence, dry and wispy brushstrokes texturize the derelict buildings as moss caresses its splintered exteriors and foundations. Cast as relics of a formerly prosperous era, their silhouettes resemble charcoal etchings against the overcast skies. Centrally situated, thick and raucous smears depicts a temple as it yields to its surroundings; its walls barely discernible through the colonized flora and stippled ash. A large sign, worn and indecipherable, hangs upon nails driven into the solid temple doors.
    You read what is written on a plain parchment scroll:
    "Final Slumber" (Page 1)
    The oil portrait depicts a garden at sunset, a mossy stone wall in the foreground and a brittle iron bench being crucial elements. Behind them, blue-gray silhouettes of low hanging trees intermingle with glimmers of the orange horizon burning through. The rays divulge a pastel figure on the bench, elegantly slumped and feminine upon further study. Her colorless attire blends into the creeping shadows, but her expression is significantly etched. It holds an unsettling quality; lifeless eyes exposed and mouth protesting her final slumber. As if offering no reprieve in curiosity, the artist signs off with a refined, 'S.C.'

    You read what is written on a plain parchment scroll:

    "The Graveyard of Warriors" (Page 1)

    The monochrome painting depicts a battleground of devastation amidst an eroded field washed in gray. Shadowy brush strokes spin the detritus finale of battle, its outcome none too victorious for either side. Silhouettes of broken corpses poke through patches of grass, their features far beyond recognition, while fragments of metal glitter amongst the blackened crannies. Intensified streaks of white intermingle with gray to create the illusion of smoke as it lifts the ashes to the bloated sky above. Positioned in the upper right hand corner, feminine calligraphy reads, 'In war, we are cursed. In death, we are damned.'

  • SayennaSayenna Member Posts: 103 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Definitely Targossian designs. Thanks @Madelyne for the help; had to change a few things though.

    a pair of wings hewn from gristly flesh
    Reduced to bone shards and gristly flesh, a pair of wings lies in disarray.
     Stripped of their feathers, these grotesque wings are a bloodied mess. Scabbed over from
    the violent separation from their downy tufts, the skeletal frame bears a layer of flayed flesh that has been cured to preserve the features of the heads it was removed from. Fresh rajamala catgut littered with shards of splintered bone fragments holds the skin together. On closer inspection, the flesh, which resembles well-preserved leather, harbours memories of tattoos which outlasted their hosts, the once bright inks faded to the appearance of watercolours on raw suede. In place of a harness, latches attached to rings curling around the neck and wrists allow the two sides to drape like a cloak across the wearer's back. Dangling from each wrist, the shrunken head of an enemy grimly sways back and forth, eyes permanently rolled back in their sockets.

  • BoosteyaBoosteya Member Posts: 339 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Things I want to design:

    An outfit for Bo's granddaughter's guy (after all, he paid her and then.. I rather wandered off. This must be rectified!)

    An outfit for Bo's granddaughter (ditto above notes)

    Dish of candy for someone who also already paid for it.

    Once upon a time, I paid someone to do something easy (not design work) and then he left realms for a long time. Two Issues (and a few RL years) later, he reappeared, handed me off a slipshod job that barely met the technical requirements, way too late for why I had asked him in the first place, and then he wandered off again. I do NOT want to do this to other people!! Still, I haven't been playing Achaea lately. I thought recentlyish that I was ready to come back (enough that I went and made a disposable alt for getting the hang of game mechanics again*, played on her for a day or so) but I am not.

    Pair of imaginary wings. This is going to be a challenge! It would also be for my own use.

    Green version of Bo's dress, with matching gloves and shoes. After all, she's a grook again now! This will be pretty simple, since I can just use the same desc as my originals, but change the colour.

    *(Disposable alt may return if I feel ready again. Those who wonder if I'm somehow using her as a spy: I guarantee she is not a newbie in your org. No city, no House, no clan. And since I mean her to be disposable, she shall remain so.)
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • EheneEhene Member Posts: 70 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    What have I designed today? I've designed a tapestry for the Y750 crafting contest and I am gonna kill it. just lemme revise a little

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