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  • SobriquetSobriquet Posts: 1,692Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I'd settle for a unique deathsight for Headstomp.
  • DochithaDochitha Posts: 1,123Member ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Atalkez said: 

    After 1 loss, and surviving probably 20 setups, I finally beat @Dochitha DwB as a prep class. So difficult to live long enough to execute!

    Edit: He was also my #300 kill for my Dawnblade, so I got a new description for it!

    A procession of grisly scenes flash swiftly through your mind. You estimate having seen
    approximately 300 kills by your hand.

     blade139256         a gold-hilted Dawnblade with an unyielding edge

    Forged from refined steel, this ceremonial blade bears a razor-sharp double-bevel edge. Miniature
    slivers of alluvial silver run in wootz-like patterns throughout the blade's metal, the result of 
    repeated quenching and annealing in the waters of the Silverveil. The straw-hued glow naturally 
    inferred from the tempering process has been polished and etched with ferric lye, imparting a 
    stylistic patterning of reddish flames across the blade surface of the weapon. A soft burnished 
    umber glow accompanies the blade, emanating from an icon pressed into the steel just above the 
    pommel, where a signet of two crossed swords lay resplendent. The hilt is crafted of gleaming gold 
    and the edge is unyielding, hardened through countless battles.
    Awesome blade! Honored to be the #300th! And also glad you handled that fight super solid. S&B pally gonna be my favorite matchup. 

    You got to bring class A defence against DWB to survive the crazy long prep,  I have to get lucky with piety for sequence and get in the tiny tumble window for defense and not to use flail when you are almost done prepping. Mistake is clearly death. 

    I start to love our fights! @Atalkez ;
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